V. Vasser

The Physical and Occupational Therapy Department at Arbors of Streetsboro are AWESOME! They all did a fantastic job in my recovery process. I came here three days post-op from a total left knee replacement, hardly able to do anything for myself. I was unable to get my left leg into bed. Now I am 4 1/2 to 5 months out from when I had my right knee replacement 13 months ago. I received the highest level of care from both departments. They were very professional in their work, truly invested in making each patient they are working with to make progress in their treatment process. They provided progressive therapy sessions for me for 4 weeks which I am truly grateful for. I would like to thank Carrie, Rich, Nicole (PT), Rich, Stacey B., Karen and Curtis (OT). You guys are truly awesome, I am blessed to have worked with you.

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