Kimberly Dickson

My father was a patient at Bedford Hospital and received horrible care. I was told repeatedly by the medical staff that there was “nothing medically wrong with my father.” I contacted Arbors of Streetsboro on Monday morning (January 8th) and I spoke with Tracey and explained the situation. Tracey met me at Bedford Hospital at 1:00 pm, assessed my father and by 6:30 pm he was transferred to Arbors. Once my father was comfortable and settled in, we left. If it was not for the entire staff at Arbors, recognizing the seriousness of my father’s illness, contacting me and helping me make a decision absent from emotions, and calling EMS, my father would NOT be alive today. I cannot express how grateful I am to the staff at Arbors. Even after my father was transferred to the hospital, Tracey stayed in contact and visited my father. Some may say they “did their job”. However, Arbors of Streetsboro went above and beyond! They did not base their decision to treat/not to treat him based on his age nor his prior medical history. KUDOS to the staff!!!!! I and my family are forever grateful.

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